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We are 1 for 101

by ALD Automotive

€ 117,036.01

raised so far. Fundraising target € 150,000






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We are 1 for 101:  Together in the fight against COVID-19 supporting Intensive Care Units!

To start with, each and every one of us can play a role by carrying out barrier gestures and respecting health measures in place.

We would also like to invite you to join us in helping our intensive care units save lives.

As part of our international #ALDSolidarityPlan, we have launched an employee fundraising campaign to provide financial aid to support 1,200 intensive care units in 66 countries.

Act together today for tomorrow!

Every year, more than 30 million patients are admitted to intensive care because of a life-threatening condition. Foundation 101 aims to save 1 million lives within 4 years by transforming intensive care units in France and across the foundation’s international network of affiliated intensive care units in 66 countries worldwide.

Funding will be used to support the Foundation 101’s strategic plan which focuses on implementing measures and deploying knowledge to optimize intensive care unit performance, accelerating intensive care research for the implementation of new technologies and mitigating the trauma of intensive care by accompanying patients and their families. These initiatives will ultimately help intensive care professionals give a second life to the most critically ill and offer the best chances of a complete recovery to all patients.

Our goal: Raise € 50,000 before June 19, in addition to an initial donation of € 100,000 made by ALD Automotive.

Empower intensive care and save lives!

Thank you for your support.


You live abroad and you want to have a tax receipt available in your country ?

If you are a Belgium, British, Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Swiss or US citizen and you would like to benefit from a tax exempt in your country, please contact Kenza Dyari at 101 - – before making your donation.

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On average, each of us will be admitted in to ICU at least twice during our lifetime, regardless of the cause: cardiovascular disease, infections such as COVID-19, complications due to cancer, traffic accidents, etc. It took a global pandemic to reveal the importance of intensive care, a discipline at the core of progress of all other medical specialties and essential to the safety of our nations. All concerned, progress in this specialty is a short-term priority!

Founded in 2018, 101 Fund’s goal is to collect 10 million € for saving 1 million lives by empowering intensive care medicine (ICM) thanks to the deployment of a 3-part program in our worldwide network of ICUs (1,200 centres in 66 countries):


Develop SATISFACTION 101, a data-driven quality-improvement program to caregivers, to share best practices and pilot their systematic implementation.


Fund innovative high-quality clinical research, basic science and artificial intelligence programs to identify best practices.


Help patients, families and caregivers to overcome the ordeal of ICU care and move towards full long-term recovery in order to ensure a quality second life.